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Helps End Your Worries
About Daily Regularity*

H2Go naturally draws water to the colon
for comfortable, daily elimination.


A New Way to Go

For the millions who suffer the discomfort caused by a sluggish colon, the solution is suprisingly simple:

A soft stool is the key to regular, comfortable elimination and there is no more effective stool softener than water. H2Go, with Active Magnesia™, works like a giant sponge to increase the collection of water in the colon.  Based on intake, H2Go from Lane Labs can provide overnight constipation relief and help keep you regular day after day.*  Natural, gentle H2Go is a technological breakthrough.

You'll Love H2Go Or It's FREE

H2Go is 3 Colon Products In 1

  1. For Occasional Overnight Relief:
    without irritation or overstimulation (6 Mini-tabs at bedtime,
    when needed)
  2. For Daily Regularity:
    without fiber bulk or bloating (2 Mini-tabs nightly at bedtime)
  3. Colon Cleanse:
    gently, thoroughly detoxifies (6 Mini-tabs nightly for a week)

Only H2Go has Active Magnesia™

Magnesium naturally encourages the flow of water into the colon through osmosis. The magnesium in H2Go has undergone a proprietary process that increases its volume and surface area, transforming it from an osmotic into a hyperosmotic. H2Go harnesses the power of water to put a sluggish colon back to work again. It’s natural, gentle and effective.*

Help End Your Constipation Worries with H2Go