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U.S. Patent:

#6,436,447    Evacuant

“Disclosed is an evacuant possessing a sufficient evacuating effect in a small dose substantially without accompanying any irritation to bowel, irrespective of whether its preparations are in the form of tablets, liquids or elixirs, and having a suppressing action to odor of feces. This evacuant is characterized by containing an active magnesium oxide which has a BET value (surface area in terms of m.sup.2 /g) of at least 21, preferably 21-50, more preferably 30-40 and is excellent in acid reactivity, and may preferably be incorporated with lactic acid bacteria, a mixture of sporolactobacteria and yeast extracts and/or oligosaccharides. The preparations are preferably in the form of liquids, granules, tablets and capsules.”

Japanese Patent:

#2,557,111    “Process for Preparing a solution containing a high concentration of
        magnesium, the magnesium solution obtained by this process and field of

Japanese Patents Pending:




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