Only H2Go contains “Active Magnesia” with up to four times the surface area of ordinary magnesium. More surface area means more water directed to the colon, softening stools for easy elimination. Much higher levels of ordinary magnesium would be needed for comparable results.

Both jars above contain the same amount of magnesium by weight. The “Active Magnesia” (left) in H2Go has a larger surface area and therefore is bulkier. The larger surface area carries more water to the colon to soften stools, gently and effectively.

H2Go Naturally Uses Water to Soften Stools and Remove Toxins.

H2Go generally doesn’t irritate or over-stimulate the system, as some laxatives do. It doesn’t add bulk, as fiber does. It just uses nature’s most effective stool softener – water – to help you get on a schedule and help keep you regular day after day.*  Because the “maintenance intake” of H2Go (2 mini-tabs daily ) contains less magnesium than the FDA recommends for daily intake, H2Go does not have the habit-forming risk of other regularity products.

H2Go from Lane Labs can be taken for overnight relief, daily regularity or as a colon cleanse:

  • For Overnight Relief: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed.
  • For Daily Regularity: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed for the first three nights, then reduce intake by 1 mini-tab per night until you reach your personal comfort level (ideally 2 mini-tabs nightly).
  • For A Gentle Colon Cleanse: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed for 7 consecutive nights.