Only H2Go contains “Active Magnesia.”  Through super heating,  magnesium oxide is changed from an osmotic to a hyperosmotic.  The surface area of Active Magnesia is up to four times larger than that of ordinary magnesium.  More surface area means more water directed to the colon, softening stools for easy elimination.*

Much higher intakes of other magnesium products may be needed for comparable results to H2Go.  That high intake may not be suitable for daily use.  However, the suggested daily intake of H2Go is only two mini-tabs.The difference is Active Magnesia.

Active Magnesia = Active Colon


Supplement Facts
Serving Size: Daily Maintenance
2 Mini Tabs
Overnight Relief or Cleanse
6  Mini Tabs
Servings Per Container 45 15
Amt %DV Amt %DV
(proprietary magnesium oxide)
385 mg 96% 1152 mg 288%
(as calcium stearate)
0 mg 0% 12 mg <1%
(from croscamellose sodium)
0 mg 0% 10 mg <1%


Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, menthol

For Daily Regularity: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed for the first 3 days. Then reduce intake by 1 mini-tab each day, until you reach your “personal comfort” maintenance level (usually 1-2 mini-tabs a night).

Important note: (If you don’t get relief in the first three days of taking 6 mini-tabs, continue to take 6 a night until you get relief, up to 7 nights. Then simply cut back to your “personal comfort” maintenance level of usually 1-2 mini-tabs a night.)

For Overnight Relief: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed.

For Colon Cleanse: Take 6 mini-tabs with water before bed for 7 consecutive nights.